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Create a brilliant therapy session

Integrating sensory needs, sensorimotor needs and cognitive needs.

Leading Physiotherapy Clinics

Incorporating MyBurrow into sessions to motivate and facilitate skill development required for writing.

Children staying focused in the classroom

Occupational Therapists utilising proprioceptive input to help children learn.


MyBurrow is used by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Teachers to help children stay calm and address MULTIPLE goals in one session. MyBurrow is unlike any other sensory tool on the market.  It is SAFE as it is child initiated and controlled with a quick release safety feature.  It is TOUGH for kid proof durability and group stretch capacity.  It is FLEXIBLE with an adjustable panel tension and easy care storage.  


A small piece of treasure to excite learning opportunities for my class of nine boys with Autism Spectrum disorder, GDD and ADHD.  It is a godsend! We are loving it!

Lyn (Teacher)

My daughter LOVES her MyBurrow.  Helps so much with after school release.  She heads straight to it when overwhelmed.

Peta (Parent)

MyBurrow is a simple idea that works on multiple levels - it can help kids develop a stronger sense of body awareness and movement; it can help with regulation when they need that safe space; it can help with language and imagination too! 

Dimi Stathopoulos @Sense-able Solutions Occupational Therapist/Speech Therapist

This Stretchy Safe Space is great for offering proprioception, resistance and compression during our sessions!

Rothwell Physiotherapy

The little girl who self harms .... LOVED it! No hitting herself and no contact was needed with another person

Michelle (Teacher)

It distracted him from the event causing him distress so that he was calm and able to refocus on a new task

Emily (Parent)

What an amazing product.  The students in my classroom took to it instantly! The possibilities are endless!!! Highly recommend!

Sarah (Teacher)

Excites the children, also calms the student and  encourages friendly, co-operative group play

Sally (Early childhood teacher)

MyBurrow is a great tool for educators to use in the classroom to include and assist all children.  You can use it as a sensory tool to assist children with self-regulation and sensory processing difficulty.  

Inclusion Works

Parent Lauren

Boosting your child towards developmental milestones.

Phoenix Support For Educators

Supporting the fulfillment of children's survival, fun, love and freedom needs.

Certified Safe

sensory play proprioceptive motor skill development children



sensory play proprioceptive motor skill development children

An environmental support

Provide a welcoming environment to enhance learning experiences, develop imagination and expand play themes.

A safe space

A wonderfully tactile and visual experience, creating a safe space to move or relax.

Positive Mental Health

Addresses childhood stress by providing an option for a safe withdrawal from anxiety inducing stimuli.

A learning space

Use My Burrow for children who find it difficult to sit still at group or story time.

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MyBurrow's flexibility allows the user to target many different goals in the one session. 

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sensory play proprioceptive motor skill development children

Designed for children

Social Skills

sensory play proprioceptive motor skill development children
sensory play proprioceptive motor skill development children

Motor Skills

Enhancing the Environment

Sensory play sensory integration learning teaching and learning with sensory tools

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Rothwell Physiotherapy

Kids Matters Occupational Therapy