A Multi-Disciplinary Approach is Best Practice

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Your Classroom

“Research indicates that best practice in working with students with disability can include a multi-disciplinary team of family, school and health professionals.” 

Australian Government – Department of Education and Training

MyBurrow is a perfect Multi-Disciplinary tool utilised by therapists, families and teachers to achieve better outcomes for children. 

Physiotherapists use MyBurrow to develop movement skills and coordination of large body movements, strength, body awareness etc.

Occupational therapists use MyBurrow develop body awareness, position and movement in space and modulation of sensory stimulation. 

Speech therapists use MyBurrow to develop concepts, ideas and words to suit and expand play themes.

Teachers use MyBurrow to integrate therapy, social and communication goals with the curriculum.

What are these leading Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Behavioural specialists, Speech Therapists and Teachers saying about MyBurrow?

“This Stretchy Safe Space is great for offering proprioception, resistance and compression during our sessions!” Rothwell Physiotherapy

“This fantastic piece of equipment is perfect when a child needs some sedentary time or a space to manage their emotional state it’s perfect for those children who prefer sensory tools.”    Kids Matters Occupational Therapy

"MyBurrow is a great tool for educators to use in the classroom to include and assist all children.  You can use it as a sensory tool to assist children with self-regulation and sensory processing difficulty.  MyBurrow can be used for children to come together for creative play, set up indoor obstacle courses, development of gross motor skills, ad a safe place to rest and manage their emotional state." Ahn Tu Occupational Therapist – Inclusion Works

“MyBurrow has been a fantastic addition to the toolkit of resources that we help educators and families to access.  We love it! Sandi Phoenix, Phoenix Support for Educators

Head on over to our MyBurrow YouTube Channel HERE for more videos of leading therapists explaining the various uses and benefits of MyBurrow!