WHY MyBurrow? HOW is it Different?

An essential sensory tool made of premium fabric, the latest manufacturing techniques and seam technology.

(comes with custom designed washing bag for easy care and longevity)


Wombat MyBurrow in Navy Blue
Parents and teachers who work with children on intervention programs are likely to be familiar with the use of weighted vests and body socksThese tools are particularly useful for children with developmental disabilities, including those who have issues with controlling levels of excitabilitysensory stimulative behaviouranxietyproprioceptive delaysattention and other related issues. “Weighted blankets” are also now available for adults who have difficulties achieving a “deep relaxing sleep”. 

The Uniqueness of MyBurrow in Comparison to Weighted Vests, Body Socks, and Traditional Lycra Tunnels

Like weighted vests and body socks MyBurrow may also be used to assist with behavioural issues. However, in contrast, it has a variety of unique characteristics. These characteristics assist with its flexibility of use in a variety of environments.  

Unlike weighted vests, traditional lycra tunnels and body socks;

  • MyBurrow is designed to be non restrictive, as students can initiate and control their use and involvement.
  • The pressure panel tension is adjustable and hence may be varied to meet the child’s sensory needs.

Super strength velcro side strips allows the adjustment of the main panel's tension.  MyBurrow includes a safety feature of an EASY quick release rather than having to undo buttons etc and manipulate limbs.

Unlike weighted vests, traditional lycra tunnels and body socks;

  • MyBurrow is highly flexible in that it may be used with a variety of children at the same time, without losing time that is associated with swapping and sharing vests.
  • MyBurrow allows for continuous sensory stimulation throughout an activity. Its fixed positioning ensures ease of accessibility and safety in most classroom and home environments. The need to put on and take off a vest or hold a lycra tunnel or a body sock during an activity has the potential to be a significant distractor.
  • When children are working with MyBurrow they remain in a defined locality within the room or clinic, hence reducing the possible impact of environmental distractions.

Moreover MyBurrow...

  • Encourages inclusivity by addressing variable behaviour and learning needs WITHIN a classroom.
  • Is flexible in that it can be used in a variety of locations in one room or moved to a location of choice. 
  • Allows the targeting of multiple goals including therapy, social skills and communication in the one session.
  • Is available in different sizes and colours enabling variation in use within the home, school, clinic and classroom.
  • Utilises the best materials and manufacturing techniques to maximise durability, wear and tear.  Accessorised and designed for maximum use.
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Meets Australian Toy Safety and Flammability Standards 
Non-Restrictive Access  
Easy Care Storage
Anchoring Options
Kid Proof Durability
Group Stretch Capacity
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**This blog was written by Helena Smith for MyBurrow® The information contained in this blog is for personal use only.