About My Burrow

We are all about getting kids' brains ready for learning!

Research tells us that touch and movement are ideal for promoting optimum levels of alertness. MyBurrow is a unique learning tool that provides the perfect structure to achieve this. A calm brain is a learning brain!

Everybody LOVES MyBurrow! A perfect Multi-Disciplinary Tool

Physiotherapists use MyBurrow to develop movement skills, coordination, strength etc.

Occupational Therapists use MyBurrow to develop body awareness, position & movement in space and support emotional regulation.

Speech Therapists use MyBurrow to develop concepts, ideas and words to suit & expand play themes.

Clinicians recommend that MyBurrow to help fulfill many psychological needs in a learning context.  

Teachers use MyBurrow to integrate therapy, social & communication goals with the curriculum. 

MyBurrow provides an ideal structure for children who struggle with attentional issues, anxiety and other non-productive behaviours.

Calming sensory feedback enhances learning.

Allows for self or teacher directed brain breaks

Provides distraction free calming ‘safe haven’ for learning. 

Multi-age & Multi-ability Groups!

Ideal for targeted teaching of specific concepts to small groups/individuals

Easily relocated to within class learning stations.

Non-restrictive practice

Child -initiates interaction and controls the degree of pressure feedback.

Inclusive practice

Individual or group use.

multi-age & multi-ability.


Multi-disciplinary approach (Best practice)

Recommended by therapists and clinicians.

Ideal for targeting motor skills, language, social and play skills.

Lessons may be adapted to address therapy goals.

Certified Safe

Meets Australian Standards for safety, toxicity & flammability

Quick release safety feature

customised wash bag for hygiene.

Structural supports not necessary.

Attaches to any compatible floor surface. 

Easily relocatable within room and around the school.