Instructions for Use

A calm child, is a happy child, is a learning child.’ My Burrow©

MyBurrow is SAFE, TOUGH, and FLEXIBLE. We have designed and developed a quality product, utilising safe manufacturing that meets Australian Safety, Flammability and Toxicity Standards. Unlike mobile devices, My Burrow©remains fixed in place by utilising the rough side of Velcro on suitably compatible and secured carpets and rugs. At last a practical solution to supervising wandering children! Individuals and groups remain where My Burrow© is positioned as it is placed in a specified area. This allows children in need of a calm retreat to go to reset their anxiety button, rather seeking or avoiding sensory stimulation by going elsewhere.

    Size selection is dependent upon the number of and physical size of children. As well as the floor space.

    Bilby (small) For kindergarten to small prep children. Mainly individual use or turn taking.

    Quoll (medium) Allows for full extension of limbs sideways, suitable for all children up to 12 years (& smaller older children).

    Wombat (large) Suitable for all. Great for group use (3-4 individuals) taller individuals and adults. Great for social games, motor skills etc. and group activities.

    What if I don’t have loop carpet?

    Most commercial carpets and rugs are velcro compatible.  Whatever you use be sure that your carpet/rug is fixed onto the ground so that the user can push MyBurrow's sensory panel up with their limbs and receive deeper proprioceptive input.

    Washing Instructions

    Utilise our custom designed washing bag and instructions to keep your product hygienic and long lasting.  


    1. Use only under capable supervision.
    2. Not for use if individuals have health limitations or injuries.